Letting go

We all have things we would rather let go weather’s it behaviour people or places.Today meditation will be base on letting these things go.Take a deep breathe in feeling calm breathe out release all the tension feel what it feels like to be free Deep breathe in feeling good take that moment to visualize what that seems like in the physical reality .See what action can be taken now. Take your focus to root chakra and cleanse that chakra imagine a bright spinning red wheel as its spinning its filtering out what you don’t need. imagine this chakra as fire as it feeling your body with warm air .feel the confident that you have to achieve your goal hold this feeling for at least 10 minutes each day to see how you feel .Namaste..put your energy to the positive vibes

Wash away your tension and fears


Everything you think is manifest into the reality world.Create the feeling that the things you would like to come will meetcome to you .You have to create this type of feeling and action everyday.Start feeling like you already have what you need ,but would rather like to improve ,then take that action.In next seven days we well be learning about law of attraction and manifestation and how are thoughts are the causes of the good and not so good things that happen in are life .And how to manifest the good things And get rid of the things that no longer serve us on this path.You can’t start new with the old ..Namaste peace and love.

Crown chakra

The crown chakra also known as ‘thousand’ is located at the crown of the skull. This chakra is associated with enlightenment, knowledge and knowing yourself ,if this chakra is blocked it causes a sense of frustration and confusion.Physically it is associated with the upper skull brain and skin.And the colour is clear violet .And the only true way of understanding this chakra is to experience it.

We will take deep breathe in and deep breathe out to help as relax lets do this for a few minutes .Then let us take are focus onto the crown chakra location at the crown of the skull.Lets meditation on what attaches us this world lets have deep thoughts about love ,material things ,things that no longer serve us now ,let go of those attachment ,let it flow out of your breathe into the air ,Namaste ,feeling good

The third eye chakra

The third eye chakra aldo known as the intuitive chakra is located between and just above the eyes.This chakra is associated with psychic ability,and having insight.Physically it effects the eyes base of the skull, mental and emotion balance.The colour of this chakra is indigo and the element is light.And is blocked by illusion, now lets take a second to relax .Close your eyes and a pay attention to your breathing as you breathe in feel the cool air filling your body with new energy .As you breathe out release all the tension .Breathe in filling your body with new energy.Breathe out release all the tension.Do this meditation for a few minutes as you get relax now lets take your focus to the brow chakra which is located in the middle of forehead.Lets visual this chakra as indigo colour spinning ball let go all of all the illusions that everything is separated, feel the energy of insight and duality keep yourself in this meditation state for as long as you need to .Now let go of all the illusions that everything is separated. This chakra is blocked it is blocked by illusion .And the biggest illusion we tell are self is that things we think are separated and different are one of the same .We are all one people we are all connected.Namaste

The throat chakra

The throat chakra is know as the communication chakra and is know as the purist of the pure .And it is located just below the collar bone .It is associated with expression of creativity through speech and writing, Poets and song writers are said to have an balance chakras as there able to express there work through creativity through voice and writing .When blocked you become shy and hold back from expressing yourself as well as your imagination and dreams .Also it can create miss opportunity from not beable to express yourself . Physically it can cause sore throat hearing and thyroid problems.To unblock this chakra we will meditate on the location of the throat chakra imaging there being a big ball of bright blue light crystal blue .As you meditate there for a few moments I would like you to say the word Laam as your saying it imagine your communication getting clearer and clearer saying untill you can have a crystal clear sound of what you would like it to sound like .Let go of negative self expression and manifest the the clear communication without conflict and fear let go of this .. practise your notes everyday to help clear your voice . namaste peace and love

Heart chakra

This heart chakra is one of the main primarily energy point.if this chakra is block then the others chakra are also not balance .The heart chakra is associated with the love, relationship, self acceptance and spirituality. Physical it’s associated with the heart the respiratory system and the immune system. All the chakra are link by the vagus nerve, ancient healing, if these points are block we become association with different illness and problems within are self and personal relationship . The colour of this chakra is green and it is located in the centre of the chest at the heart centre area.We will start by getting comfortable and taking deep breaths. Watch your breath and taking your focus now to the location of the heart chakra . When it comes to mediation on the heart chakra it’s about inner balance and healthy connections to other people and within relationship also balancing between material and spiritual needs .You are able to look after yourself and others .When not balance you can feel fear , betrayed, paranoid,and indecisive.To unblock this chakra is to meditation on all and don’t forget to smile as your getting ready to cleanse your heart for some new energy.compassion love and forgiveness visualize love as you breathe in and you breathe out think of all the good things you have and the good things to come manifest by saying I will manifest the love I deserve beathe out I am love .Do this meditation for as long as you feel comfortable with and let go of all the negative energy that surround you when it comes to old pain losses and fear .We will manifest what we want we ways do weather good or bad so let’s manifest a good heart space fill with love and compassion for yourself and others .namaste

Solar plexus chakra

Today we be meditation on the solar plexus chakra also known as the power chakra , dwelling place of jewels’s . Located below the breastbone and the back of the stomach.From the back of the body it is just below the shoulder blades.This chakra is associated with personal power,confident ambition and passion .If blocked you can suffer from low self esteem, addictive personality or even high criticism of your self and others .Physically it can cover digestive problems,stomach ulcers chronic fatigue and allergies.The colour of this chakra is yellow. We will meditation on this chakra location .we will visualise a bright yellow ball of energy .As we breatheas in,I see myself as fire as you exhale let all the stress and tension in body let go of all the thoughts and stresses and simply relax .as you take a deep breathe in watch your breath, fill your body with fresh cool air feel the air of breath go all around your body, take a deep breathe in and watch your breath .what you most fear let’s make it clear now ,let go of what you feel needs to be let go of and fill that energy with passion .do this meditation for as long as you feel comfortable with , understanding your unblocking this chakra to create a more successful and a life with out the fears we tell are self .I see myself as fire ,fire is the element of the solar pexlus ,Deep breath in I see myself as fire,Deep breathe out ,I feel full of passion and confident . Namaste