Energy healing

New way of therapy for everyday life Everyone can heal themselves there are different organ parts of the body that can be affected by different negative emotions

Grief is stored in the lungs

Anger affects the liver more then any other organ

Worry in the stomach

Fear lives in the kidneys

Stress heart and brain

The brain is like a magnet and will attract what you are thinking and feeling .To apply positive energy to yourself is to heal yourself .Shield your energy from toxic situations and people by being detach. A lot of people say I don’t want to be alone or detach that’s okay .But in order not to be consumed in a toxic situations thing or place you must detach yourself from it go and go and sit in nature and just be .You are protecting your aura /energy when you are out of the toxic situations . Just being out in nature just doing nothing sitting alone, being alone, you become in this meditative state and meditation is a way to rejuvenate yourself. looking within doing an inner detox applying all that healing energy will help rejuvenate and detox your body. Namaste .peace and love


.The desire you want already exist the thing here in order to get it you have to be in harmony with it .You can change your frequently ,energy, to receive it at anytime .Law of attraction works by applying your subconscious mind with your conscious desires .Now this works by being in tune to what you want and to know you can manifest this desire you want.Putting in time and effort , meditation to ground yourself ,and visualization to see the end one way in which law of attraction works .conscious you must change the way you think reprogram your mind and take control of your thoughts every think you want is already here .Get rid of negative energy around thoughts and material things do not have any fear and go for your desires..namaste yoga in action….

Law of attraction how it works

The world has invisible waves of frequency and these frequency become manifest when we observe them . frequency is energy, Nothing is real until you pay attention to it. We get what we focus on so we are completely responsible for everything in are life.You can have anything you want and there many ways of achieving this 1, is through visualization 2, is meditation.However you must be clear in your desire,you must put down pass pain,trauma,the desire must be in tune and there has to be no doubts as the subconscious mind will not hold any confusions and with this what you want will not appear.Focus on the positive actions being in tune to what you want will give you your positive results .We all strive for happiness that sustains us in are bodies.Namaste